Weight lifting for weight loss

If you want to lift weights to increase power or get muscle mass you have probably wondered just how much weight you should lift. Most of us incline to an error on the lighter side, something researchers have already figured out. If you feel like your weight training session has impeded or if you do not feel the results you would like, learn why lifting heavier weights could change your entire body.

Benefits of Lifting Weights

Muscle plays an important role in raising metabolism which can help you to change your body composition and burn more fat. A pound of muscle burns about 10-20 calories per day while a pound of fat burns only 5 calories. So, muscle growth helps you burn more calories all day long and it is very important for your body But in addition to weight loss, other benefits of strength and power training session include:

  • A slender slimmer appearance because muscle takes up less space than fat
  • An increased resting metabolic rate so you burn more calories, even while at rest.
  • Better confidence and self-esteem for body
  • Increase balance and stability
  • Potentially lower blood pressure and improved cholesterol profile
  • Stronger bones and connective tissue, which can protect your body from injuries in daily life


However, all of this only works if you are using enough weight to stimulate muscle growth. In other words, you can say that if you can lift the weights you have chosen for most exercises more than 16-20 times, you might not see the kind of fat loss you would if you increased your weight.

Some Distress about lifting heavyweight:

According to a study done by the University of Michigan, researchers took beginners (both men and women) through a series of moves and allowing them to choose their own weight. After evaluating their 1 rep max, they determined that most choose a weight well below what was needed to tonic muscle growth.

So, why don’t we lift more weight? For some, especially people new to weight training, it can be scary. There are so many types of equipment machines, dumbbells, cables, and bands. And then there are tons of exercises, it’s hard to know where to start.

Most of all, we know that lifting weights can make us sore and, potentially, put us at risk for injury. It seems much easier to either avoid weight training or choose weights that are too light to make much of a difference. Aside from that, there are other fears that invade our mind


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