The secret of masculinity hidden in tomatoes

The secret of masculinity hidden in tomatoes, scientists have made a very surprising discovery

LONDON (Monitoring Desk) Tomatoes are a household vegetable that has many health benefits, but now scientists have revealed in a new study that it has such an amazing benefit for men that you can make it a part of your daily diet.  According to Mail Online, scientists at the University of Sheffield have stated that tomatoes are very effective in improving the quality of sperms in men. Making it a regular part of the diet improves sperm quality by more than 50%.


According to scientists, the reason for this benefit of these for men is the lycopene found in tomatoes, which gives the tomatoes a bright red colour. In the study, scientists included lycopene tablets and fed 28 men two tablets a day. When their sperms were tested for health again 3 months later, their sperms were 50% more active and healthy than before. Professor Alan Pace, who led the research team, said: “We did not expect lycopene to have such a tremendous benefit, but we were surprised when the results came out. Medications do not improve the quality of sperms as fast as they did with lycopene tablets. ”